How Do You Change Your Name After Your Divorce?

Once you go through the process of divorce and have made all of your divorce terms final, you now likely want to move on with your life. If you changed your name when you got married to that of your spouse, you may want to think about changing your last name back to your maiden name. Many people choose to take this step as a final way to put finality to the marriage. If you are considering changing your last name after you get a divorce, here is what you need to know:

How Do You Change Your Name After You Get a Divorce?

Each state may have different rules when it comes to changing your name once you divorce. The process may also be different because it is based on the details in your divorce decree. In some divorces, the decree may include a provision for changing your name. If you include a name change as part of your divorce terms, the decree itself will be all the proof you need to legally change your name.

If there was no provision in your divorce to change your name, you will need to take a few extra steps to make the change. The court could amend the decree to include the provision, but you have to make a formal request to do so. However, not all courts will do this.

If you cannot get your decree amended, you need to file a petition for a name change with the court. This legal process will help you officially change your name. However, you will also have to file the name change with the social security office as well as the DMV. You will need to fill out a form provided by the social security office and provide your identification, your divorce decree, and evidence that proves your age. After your change is approved by the social security office, you will be mailed a new social security card with your former name on it.

Once you have your new social security card or a document showing approval of the name change, you can go to the DMV to get a new driver's license with your name change reflected on it.

Who Else Should You Notify About Your Name Change?

Once you legally change your name, you need to notify other entities. This includes your bank, the post office, your child's school, your insurance company, your investments and retirement accounts, and your medical providers. Not changing your name with these institutions could cause you some hassle later on. 

For more info, contact a local divorce attorney

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