Hiring a Family Law Attorney

Divorce is a life-changing and emotionally charged event that separates families. Listening to well-meaning friends and family members may lead to financial loss. Knowing who to talk to for solutions that will bring long term benefits is important. Family law attorneys can assist with legal separations, divorce, custody arrangements, alimony, child support, and dividing marital assets. Here are a few tips for hiring a family law attorney. 

Do not share extensive details of the divorce with those who are unable to help. Emotions are often extremely high when going through a divorce. Gathering personal thoughts before speaking with the lawyer is important. Writing down important questions that need to be answered is the first step in obtaining clarity. Scheduling a consultation is the best way to have the lawyers undivided attention and get questions answered. Some attorneys will have a flat rate for this consultation, and others may discount all or a part of this fee if they are hired. Ask directly if the lawyer has experience in the type of work they are being hired for. For example, a family law attorney who is near a military base may be familiar with divorces, criminal matters, and civil issues for service members.

If you're curious about a lawyer's past experience or performance, look on their personal website for reviews. If there are any doubts about hiring the lawyer, search for them on the state bar's website and look on third party websites with unfiltered reviews. 

Once the right family law attorney has been selected, always trust them and take their advice. If supportive documentation is needed, always return it in a timely manner. Do everything possible to keep the case moving along. Give sensitive items to the lawyer that prove infidelity, verbal abuse, or physical abuse that has occurred. A family law attorney can assist with any restraining order or special considerations needed to coordinate visitation for children. 

When court dates or mediations are set to solve disputes, always be on time, as these dates are difficult and expensive to reschedule. Some family law attorneys will be able to finalize the divorce without going to court. In cases where this is not possible, work with the lawyer to prepare for upcoming court dates. If one party does not follow the terms of the divorce given in court, work with the family law attorney for help enforcing the original agreement. Use these tips when selecting an experienced family law attorney

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