Custody Law Services: Child Custody COVID Compromises

The COVID pandemic has rendered many people's plans useless. For something as important as child custody, finding compromises to meet COVID realities can be tough, but important. Custody law services can help update your existing child custody agreement to meet the needs of this current crisis.

An Educated Adjustment

Some of the more contentious child custody agreements relate to educational planning. This planning can be critical when it comes to transitions like pre-K to kindergarten and primary school to middle school.

  • Hybrid Primary School: with many primary schools around the country opting for hybrid schooling schedules, this can create logistical challenges to child custody agreements. For instance, if providing daycare and/or homeschool supervision is impossible for one party in a child custody agreement, conflicts about shared time can often occur. Custody law service providers can create temporary, legally binging adjustments to existing child custody agreements tied directly to the school calendar. This might mean crediting time spent in homeschool and/or providing child care during the week with an additional weekend or school holiday during the semester. Additionally, the financial burden of providing extra child care can also factor into child support and alimony payments. A child custody lawyer can draft several solutions to your child custody arrangements to create compromises that lessen the impact of the COVID reality to all parties involved.

COVID Compromises

The politicization of the COVID pandemic can add an additional layer of complexity to child custody arrangements. Coming to an agreement about the safety protocols and precautions for your child can be drawn up by a child custody lawyer.

  • Risk Mitigation: from wearing masks to avoiding extended contact with others in confined spaces, keeping your child safe during the COVID pandemic should be consistent. Your child custody lawyer can use government and local health guidelines to draft a general agreement for all caregivers to sign. This can include things like wearing masks but can also include stipulations about avoiding situations like birthday parties, funerals, and weddings. If an agreement cannot be met, your child custody lawyer can petition a family court to weigh in on the disagreement. Once an agreement has been reached, your child custody lawyer can also draw up provisions to address violations of the agreement. If you can document that your ex-partner or spouse is not following the guidelines set forth by the agreement, child custody can be curtailed and even revoked. These provisions can also be tied to local health ordinances and official updates related to COVID.

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