Recently Lose Your Job And Paying Child Support? Know Your Options

With high unemployment rates, there are likely parents that lost their job due to COVID-19 and have an obligation to pay child support due to a previous divorce. If you are in this situation, you're likely wondering what you can do about those payments. Here are some questions you will have about modifying your child support. 

What Should You Do If You Can't Afford Your Child Support Obligation?

While child support is likely the last thing on your mind after you lose your job, it is important that you go to your local courthouse and fill out the paperwork to modify your child support payments as soon as it happens. Child support payments will keep adding up, and while you are hopeful that you will find new employment, your missed child support payments will not be reduced until you take action. You are always better off filing the necessary paperwork as early as possible.

What Happens If You Find A New Job?

If you are lucky enough to get a new job in the near future, you can then make modifications to the child support payments again to reflect your new salary. Even if you are out of work for a week, that means that you are able to suspend or reduce your child support payments for that time you were out of work. If you never filed the necessary paperwork, you'll still be obligated to pay your full child support payments for any amount of time you were unemployed. 

Does It Make A Difference If You Are Furloughed? 

It does not matter if you are furloughed or fired from a job since the impact on your income is the exact same. Do not make assumptions that your employer will bring you back sooner rather than later because you'll still be responsible for making child support payments unless you file the necessary paperwork with the court. If your employer is able to pay you while you wait at home for conditions to get better, then you still are able to make child support payments and are obligated to do so. However, if you've received a pay reduction, you should file the necessary paperwork as well to reflect your lower wages. 

Consider reaching out to a divorce lawyer for assistance with support payments when you are unemployed. They can help walk you through the process if you need assistance, or even argue on your behalf to a judge if necessary. For more information, speak with a divorce attorney

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