How A Family Divorce Lawyer Can Make Your Divorce Go Faster

When you're going through a divorce, it's best to hire a family divorce lawyer to guide you through your case. In the best of cases, your divorce can be over in a short time, although an average divorce takes around a year, with divorce cases that go to trial taking nearly two years.

You want a speedy divorce so you can move on with your life and avoid some of the costs associated with this life change. One of the best ways to ensure a faster divorce is to hire a family divorce attorney to assist you. Here are ways a family divorce lawyer can help make your divorce go faster, so if you haven't secured a lawyer yet, you can be more motivated to retain one.

Your lawyer can speed up petitioner/respondent actions

Part of the reason why a divorce can take more time than you'd like is waiting for the other party to respond to requests for discovery and other information. Each party is given a certain amount of time to respond to requests for financial and asset information and other documents, and failure to do so can result in a default for divorce or a trial setting.

Having a family divorce lawyer to assist you with your case can help documents stay on task and can help motivate the other party to respond to document requests. This assistance applies to you as well in the event you receive documents requesting information.

Your lawyer can help you avoid trial

Your best bet when it comes to filing for divorce is to have your case avoid trial. A trial divorce can be up twice as long as a divorce that doesn't go trial and is also very costly. A trial divorce is a divorce that goes to a judge and jury and allows the contested parts of a separation — like child custody and asset division — to be decided for you. To avoid trial, your family divorce lawyer will use the laws of your state, specific information found in interrogatories, and other information to negotiate your way to a divorce.

While not every divorce will go as quickly as the involved parties would like, the more you can agree on your divorce with the other party, the easier it will be for your divorce lawyer to help you come to a resolution. Retain a family divorce attorney today to help make your divorce go through as quickly as possible.

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