3 Reasons You Need a Legal Agreement for Your Separation or Divorce

There are times when married couples mutually agree to split up, but they may choose not to go through the legal system. Instead, they may decide to make an agreement verbally with each other. While this method might work fine for some couples, having a verbal arrangement only is not always the best idea in the world. It is always better to have a legal agreement on paper, and here are three reasons this is true.

Verbal Agreements Mean Nothing

If you and your spouse make verbal agreements on your split-up, it means that you are on friendly terms and willing to work with each other. While it is good that you can do this with each other, it is also essential to know that a verbal agreement does not mean a whole lot. An oral agreement is only as good as what each person puts into it. If one spouse gets angry or even lazy, he or she might decide to stop following the arrangement. You have little recourse if this happens, as there is nothing in writing.

Legal Agreements Are Court-Ordered

Getting a legal agreement in writing through the court is the best route to take. An agreement you obtain through the court is court-ordered. Any document that is a direct order of the court is equivalent to a legal contract. You are both required to follow what it says, and if one spouse does not follow it, the other spouse has legal rights in the matter. You can take your spouse to court to have the court enforce the arrangements on the written agreement.

A Written Agreement Offers Guidance to Both Parties

The other factor to consider is the importance of both parties having a document to go to for guidance. If you create a legal agreement in court, it will state the terms of the separation. Each of you can go to this document for clarification on matters, and it will guide you with what you are required to do. Having this type of guidance is helpful and vital in a separation, and it will help you avoid arguments and problems in the future.

If you are thinking about splitting up without a legal agreement, you should think twice. A legal agreement for a separation or a split-up is vital. Learn more about this by talking to law services such as Bray & Johnson Law Firm.

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