Changing A Child Visitation Schedule When Circumstances Change

It is difficult to change a visitation schedule once it is set by both parents and agreed upon in court. The easiest way to change an order is if the other parent is agreeable to the change. In some cases, the other parent isn't willing to make changes to the existing order and court becomes necessary to work out the problem. If you are trying to change a custody order or visitation schedule because your circumstances have changed, it's time to find a family law firm that can help. If the other parent is not willing to negotiate, you will need to bring the case in front of a judge and settle the matter in court.

When Your Work Schedule Changes

You might change jobs or suddenly have to start working a different schedule. While this is not the only reason to try and change a visitation schedule, it is something worth trying for. If the other parent isn't going to lose time with the children but you simply want to change a day, it's a reasonable change in circumstance to bring your case to court over. You want to spend as much time as you can with your children, and work schedules can have a negative impact.

If Children Have an Opinion

Over the years, children might develop a strong opinion of which parent they want to spend more time with. Although an agreement that allows both parents to see the children in near equal amounts is reasonable, there can come a time when your children don't want to be with the other parent much. If your child expresses a strong interest in not being with the other parent as much, you can try to work out a new visitation schedule that follows what your child wants.

When the Other Parent Becomes Unfit

If the other parent is no longer able to take care of the children for any reason, changing the visitation schedule officially is always a good idea. While you might work something out with the other parent temporarily, you should have every agreement submitted to the court so that visitation doesn't change again on a whim.

Visitation schedules are meant to be routines that your children follow so that they know what to expect each week. It's hard to change schedules because it is meant to give your child a sense of stability. If you must have an order changed, a family law attorney can help you get the order changed in court if the other party won't agree.

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